Author S.D. Denny

Author S.D. Denny

Award-Nominated Author SD Denny
Returns With Her Sophomore Novel

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Life was just as normal for Carmen O'Malley as it was for anyone, until the tender age of eight when her eyes suddenly became open to the fact that her father was white and she was not. From that moment forward, she spend her life trying to fit in. Carmen loved both sides of her family, and embraced the extreme cultural differences between the two, but she always felt like the black sheep. Eventually, she blamed her biracial makeup for the silent torment she had experienced as a result. After a lifelong battle to discover the meaning of her pointless existence, Carmen's life takes a pivotal turn when she follows her best friend's advice to seek professional help for what has been eating away at her core for most of her life. Little does Carmen know, her answers lie in the most unexpected places.

Carmen's is the story of a young woman's compelling struggle to find her identity and purpose, and her persistent search along the way for love and acceptance from those she calls her own.



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